Don’t be lazy, learn to work.

Francis Kuro.

The bible recorded that God is the creature of heaven and earth. Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Since we are created in his own image, he expected us to be creators of things. We resemble God ; and we suppose to posses one of his attribute which is creativity.

Creativity is a special gift to mankind. We are not suppose to watch things happen. In Gen 2:15, the bible recorded that the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. Man was designed from the beginning to be a working being. Jesus says, “My father has been working until now, and i have been working.” John 5:17.

God discourages laziness. It is a dangerous lifestyle, and must be rejected at all cost. Some of the problems facing mankind is as a result of laziness among youths. Eccl 10:18 says”By much slothfulness the building decay; and through idleness of the hand, the house dropped through”. If you are idle, the devil has a way of manipulating your mind into something that will be detrimental to your life, destiny and dignity. One of the important quality you should develop is to learn to work. Prov 18:9 says”He who is slothful in his work is a brother to him who is a great waster” God hate idleness. It does not pay. Desist from idleness and learn to work by doing something meaningful and productive.

Effects of idleness:

  1. Drug abuse. Idleness has led many youth to drug abuse. Drug abuse is ravaging youth globally, and most of the causes is idleness.
  2. Depression. Studies has shown that many people who are unable to do something meaningful over a longer period of time may likely experience depression.
  3. Addiction to social media. A lot of idle youths are addicted to social media as a result of idleness.
  4. Lead to poverty. whoever is idle is indirectly inviting poverty to himself.
  5. Crime. The rate of crime is on the increase globally. Most of the causes can be traceable to idleness.

Learn to work. Their is dignity in labor. Be creative, and always look around your enviroment and explore various opportunities that may abound. Are you still idle and thinking of what to do? You can start from somewhere no matter how little it is. Remember, do not despise little beginning.

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Kuro Francis

Kuro Francis


Francis is a Christian Blogger, publisher, relationship expert, and counselor.