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Infidelity in marriage is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or partner. When someone that is married have sexual related affair with someone it is regarded as infidelity. Unfaithfulness and infidelity in marriage is one of the major causes of divorce, conflict, etc in marriages globally.


1. Divorce. Divorce is one of the consequences of infidelity. It is regarded as the major causes of divorce globally.

2. Spread of sexually transmitted infections/diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through a partner that is unfaithful to his spouse.

3. Emotional and Psychological Problem. Some spouse suffer from emotional and psychological trauma as a result of their cheating partner.

4. Unwanted Child. Infidelity can make someone have a child that is not wanted. When a woman becomes pregnant for a married man and she decides not to abort it, the child will become unwanted for the man because he didn’t plan for it.

4. Physical/Verbal Abuse. A cheating partner may become a victim of physical attack as a result of confrontation, and conflict related to infidelity.

Death. A lot of married men and women have taken the lives of their spouses as a result of unfaithfulness in marriage. Some victims of infidelity in marriage believed that taking the life of their spouse is the solution of the problem.


Infidelity has caused unimaginable crisis, conflict, and problems among marriages globally. Unfaithfulness is a delicate issue that need wisdom to handle in other for the couples not to take laws into their hand. The following procedures may help couples who are having issues with infidelity in their marriages.

1. Identify the root cause. Identifying the root cause of any problem is the key factor in resolving it. When you don’t identify the problem; then the solution may be difficult.

2.Don’t action in haste. Taking action in haste especially when you are heart broken emotionally can be risky, dangerous, and may not give you the desired result in solving the problem.

3. Discuss and settle it amicably. When issues arise in marriage, the ability to discuss and settle it amicably will help reduce tension, problem, and conflict.

4. Don’t be in haste to call third parties. Sometimes, inviting third parties to settle issues like infidelity may do more harm than good. Look for ways of settling the issue without inviting anybody.


Their is no smoke without fire. Let us look into some of the causes of infidelity in marriage.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction. Lack of sexual satisfaction is the reason why some spouse cheat on their partner.

2. Hardship. Condition, hardship, and frustration is the caused of infidelity among couples.

3 Lack of care and support. Some spouse who are not caring, and supporting their partner may likely have a cheating partner.

4. Medical condition. Medical related problem may prevent a spouse from performing his marital responsibility to his partner, thereby causing the spouse to cheat on her partner.

5. Anger, and revenge. A partner that has been cheated before by her spouse may decide to pay back by cheating on his partner.

6. Lack of love, and commitment. When a couple no longer love his spouse, infidelity may set in.

Infidelity in marriage is immoral, disheartening, and unreasonable. It is important for couples to seek help from marriage expert if

they find it difficult to resolve the issue. Infidelity if handled without care can result to death, injuries, breakup, and divorce.

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Infidelity in marriage is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or partner. When someone that is married have sexual related affair with s…

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