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Monday, August 29, 2022


Single mothers face a lot of challenges especially the stress of raising their children. Due to the importance of mother in once life, some people have adopted women who are not their biological relatives to be their mothers.

Mothers are known to be compassionate, supportive, patient, and multi tasking. Most times people overlook the challenges and difficulties single mothers face in taking care of their children. Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities especially single mothers.

Parenting itself is tasking, but being a single mother is more difficult, stressful, and challenging.

Challenges of Single Mothers.

Some of the challenges of single mothers are,

1. Financial Challenges. The most difficult issue confronting single mothers is on the area of finance. Some of them have inadequate resources to take care of their children especially the once that are not working.

2. Stress and Anxiety. Single mothers faces, stress and anxiety while taking care of their children. This stress can become worrisome if their is no one to assist them. Sometimes, single mothers overwork in other to meet up their financial obligation, and responsibilities confronting them.

3. Emotional Challenges. A single mother sometimes faces emotional challenge. Feeling of regret may set in due to the challenges she might be facing in course of raising, and taking care of her children alone.

Tips for Single Mothers.

Single motherhood has its own challenges, problems, and difficulties. It’s important for mothers to know that they need help, and assistance in taking care of their children. They should seek for help when necessary, from friends, relatives etc.

Don’t be secretive. Mothers especially single ones should not be secretive. They should discuss their challenges with others in other for them to get assistance where necessary. Don’t try to be superman by not disclosing your predicament to anyone. Someone can decide to help when they know about your challenges, and difficulties in raising your children.

Forget the past. Dwelling in the past has a way of hunting you psychologically, and emotionally. Forget the past and move on with your life. Being tormented, and humiliated by your past will cause more harm than good. Even if you are responsible for your present condition, don’t despair because being a better mother to your kids should be your priority.

Motherhood has its own problem, and challenges that is not recognize by many. Taking this steps and tips will help overcome some of the difficulties raising, and parenting children alone.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022


Marriage is a journey and not a destination. It consist of two different personalities [male and female] who most have different orientation, and background. These people will certainly need to be united for them to stay together as husband and wife. This is because two individuals cannot work together unless they agree.

Secondly, marriage as an institution was founded on the principle of unity. Marriage is far beyond cohabiting. It means to be sexually, mentally, physically, and emotionally connected to each other.

Meaning of Unity.

Unity can be define as oneness. It’s the state of being one undivided entity. In marriage, it means to be of one mind and purpose. Couples need to stay united for them to live together happily as husband and wife.

Enhancing Unity in Marriage.

Unity is a vital tool for a healthy, happy, and successful marriage. It’s one of the ingredient that makes marriage enjoyable. Unity enhance love, understanding, and togetherness in marriage. Some of the ways of enhancing unity in marriage are,

1. Respect, love, and value each other.

2. Support, and help each other.

3. Plan together.

Marriage is between two individuals who decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Enhancing unity in marriage suppose to be daily affair because it enable couples to be united, closer, and happy. It’s a unifying factor that makes things better in homes, families, community, and nations. Their is power in unity

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Thursday, August 25, 2022


Ideal parent is one that demonstrate high moral and spiritual values, and responsibilities to his child or children. He or she impart moral values in other for the child/children to be responsible citizens in the society.

Parenting is one of the difficult task every parents face because it is an act and science.

Character of an ideal parent.

1.Discipline. A ideal parent is a disciplinarian who discipline and train his children to be responsible, accepted, and polish.

2. A positive role model. An ideal parent is a role model first to his children, and people that comes in contact with him/her. He or she impart those values to his child or children.

3. Unconditional love and care. Any parent that demonstrate unconditional love, and care to his child, children irrespective of their abilities, shortcomings, challenges etc is indeed an ideal parent.

4. Appreciate and motivate. Lack of appreciation and motivation can make a child feel unsecured, and unwanted. Ideal parent always encourages their children to boost their moral, self worth, and confidence. Appreciating your child even if he or she is not living up to expectation morally, academically is vital for the overall development of your kids.

5. Respect his child/children. An ideal parent treat his children with respect while exercising his role as a parent. He or she does not disrespect his child/children. He knows that respect is reciprocal. This is also applicable for parents when dealing with their children or ward.

Respecting their opinions and paying attention to them when they are talking to you is a key attribute of an ideal parent. An ideal parent is wise, discipline, loves unconditionally, and a role model to his wife, family, children also impart high moral and spiritual values to his child, children and family.

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Single mothers face a lot of challenges especially the stress of raising their children. Due to the importance of mother in once life, some …

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