Evil Implantation

We are living in a world where a lot of evil wickedness exist on daily basis. Some of the happenings we experience on daily basis locally and internationally are not natural. Some of them are influenced by evil forces from the kingdom of darkness. Jesus said’ Whatever my heavenly father has not planted shall be rooted up’[Math 15:13]. You should not look at every thing that happens around you or your family as normal. Go beyond the spiritual; be spiritual sensitive to events and happenings around you.

Beloved, life is spiritual; and the spiritual controls the physical. When the devil implant sickness in a man; no amount of medical treatment can restore the health of that man unless God intervene. Have not heard of someone that is sick,hospitalized and all manner of test has been done; and it all proves negative. But the person is dying slowly despite the treatment being given ton the person. This is one of the numerous examples of satanic implantation of sickness in the life of an individual..

The only remedy is God intervention through prayer. Be spiritually sensitive always to discern whenever issues, and problems arises and go beyond the physical because it takes prayer to uproot and root out all forms of satanic implantation around you and your loved ones. Be wise

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Kuro Francis

Francis is a Christian Blogger, publisher, relationship expert, and counselor.