Sin Brings Shame

Francis Kuro May 17,2022 Kingdom Matters.

Imagine someone that is highly respected in the society or community where he lives, a man of integrity and honor was caught committing a shameful act like stealing in a Supermarket. Then he is brought before the crowd and stripped naked, with lashes of the cane on his body. That man has definitely lost his honor and respect where he lives[ Dan 9:5–7]. He has become a shameful man because of his action. This is exactly what sin does to a believer. Sin takes away the righteousness of a believer and makes him dirty before God.

Sin takes away the confidence of a man and makes him operate in fear. Sin causes sickness and untimely death, it pushes a Christian below his standard, it transforms a powerful man of God into a slave. What kind of life are you living? Righteousness will exalt you while sin will give birth to reproach, shame, sorrow and pains including death.

Remember, righteousness and holiness will pull you out from the snare of the devil, it will bring honor glory and respect to you. Righteousness is all you need to live a triumphant life in Christ Jesus

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Francis Kuro

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