Francis Kuro June 22, 2022.

The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked. We are living in a world where men derives pleasure in committing all forms of atrocities on daily basis in families, organizations, communities etc. conspiracy and wickedness is the order of the day. People are being murdered everyday due to the selfish ambition of those in politics, power, community and organizations.

Let us look into some persons in the bible that conspiracy was initiated upon. In Acts 23:12–14, More than forty men conspired, and bound themselves under a curse that they will neither eat nor drink until they kill Paul. Imagine the conspiracy? It is still happening today in some families, communities etc. If you are a member of any family that people are conspiring against you for evil; i degree be delivered in the name of Jesus[2 Sam 15:30–31]. David also experienced conspiracy from his son Absalom and his adviser. 2Sam 16:30

As christian, someone or group of persons may conspire against you but God will always give you victory against your conspirators. The bible recorded several persons that were delivered from the hand of evil plotters and gave them victory. He promised you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper[Isaiah 54:17]. Just relaxed and put your trust and confidence in God because he will always give you victory over any plot, or agenda that is against his will for your life.

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Francis Kuro

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Kuro Francis

Kuro Francis


Francis is a Christian Blogger, publisher, relationship expert, and counselor.