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Francis Kuro June 16, 2022.

Time management is the process, method or procedure of planning and controlling how much time to spend on a specific activity. The richest man in the world has the same time with the poorest person in the world. The difference is what what each one does with his or her time. Time management enables one to utilize and complete every task assign to him individual in a timely manner.

Satan knows the importance of time that was why he withstood the prayer of Daniel for 21 days[Daniel 10:12–13]. Whatever takes your time from achieving your purpose and destiny in life is a time waster. Giving more time and energy to something that will not add value to your life is a step in the wrong direction.What is taking more of your time on daily basis? if it is something that is not productive, then retrace your step and focus your energy and time towards something that is meaningful.

Benefits Of Time Management:

[1] Achievement of Goals and Objectives. People who manage time achieves their goals and objectives on time.

[2] Open Doors of Opportunities: Effective and proper time management open doors of opportunities for an an individuals and co-operate organizations.

[3] Reduce Stress and Pressure: Poor management of time will lead to stress and pressure because of the rush to meet up target etc.

Effective Time Management Procedures:

[1] Be Proactive. Plan ahead and work towards actualizing your set goals and objectives.

[2] Focus On The Most Important Tasks: Pay attention on the most important task. Prioritize base on importance, urgency etc.

[3] Smart Method: Your goals and objectives should be measurable, achievable, time bound, measurable, relevant etc.

[4] Set a Deadline. Setting deadline helps one to manage time effectively.

Consequences Of Poor Time Management;

[1]Wasted Time: Poor time management can lead to waste of time and resources.

[2] Loss of Reputation and Integrity: Improper management of time can lead to loss of reputation and integrity.

Beloved, make every time count in your life. The time you wasted yesterday can never be reverse; but you can take action today by utilizing and managing your God’s given time to achieve your plan and purpose in life.

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