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2 min readMay 18, 2022

The God of Second Chance

Francis Kuro May 18.2022 Kingdom Matters

A student while in the university was involved in cultism because he wanted protection and power. The cultism exposes him to all manner nefarious activities including murder, rape, kidnapping and banditry. A time came when his cult group and another had a clash. He was the target of the group, and when he discovered that his life was in danger, he ran away from school and went to his uncle”s place in Lagos state Nigeria.

There he accepted Jesus and began a new life. When the priest told him first that his sins can be forgiven by God; he doubted it because of the atrocities he has committed while in cult. Soon he realized that God is merciful and forgives sin. Our God gives people opportunities to right all their wrong. Remember, the woman caught in the act of adultery. The punishment for her action was death by stoning. [John 8: 1–11]. Jesus set her free because he is a God of second chance.

Whosoever turns away from his wicked ways; and return back to God genuinely, he will give the person second chance to be better. Whatever sin, sins you may have committed namely abortion, murder, adultery, fornication etc just come because he will cleanse you from all iniquities by giving you a second chance.

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