A Man Of Power And Authority.

Child of God , do you know that you are a man of power and authority?[Luke 10:19] God have packaged and endowed you with power and authority that whatever you bind on earth is bind in heaven. You have been packaged by God to destroy and terminate the evil plots of the devil. The power and authority is one that is given by the God to the children of God.

The power has the capacity to restore hope to hopeless situations, makes impossible situation becomes possible; and gives you victory in every battle of life. Beloved, the barrier to operate with the power and authority God has given to you is sin. Sin makes you incapacitated, kills, and make you unqualified to access the power and authority bestowed on you as a child of God. You must jealously guard the power and authority God have given to you if you want to fulfill destiny and live victoriously in Christ Jesus

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Francis Kuro

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Kuro Francis

Francis is a Christian Blogger, publisher, relationship expert, and counselor.