No man or woman is an island. We all need people to relate, interact, etc in other to achieve personal or collective goals, task, desires etc. No matter how spiritual, powerful, influential or wealthy you are; you need a friend in your life. The friends you have or keep may either add value to you or be a parasite around you. Let’s look into two kind of friends[Fair weather and real] and identify their characteristics and attributes. Who is your friend? it’s a question that we need to ask ourselves as long as we are living.

Fair weather Friends: This are friends that comes around you because of what they stand to gain or benefit from you. They are selfish in nature. They will never contribute anything in form of advice, counsel or contribution that is meaningful or productive. This type of friends don’t add value to your life. They are parasitic in nature. If they have opportunity they can even kill, maim or destroy their friend because of what they stand to gain or achieve. So many people have been killed for associating with this kind of friends. They always want to be at the receiving end.

They will avoid you whenever they stop receiving from you. When you stop giving them what they desire to get from you like money, goods etc they will stop visiting.

Real Friends: A real friend is faithful, reliable, intelligent, enduring, non-violent and dependable. A real friend will stick with you in good times and bad times. He is faithful, not parasitic in nature. He gives without expecting anything in return. He spend his time, resources etc for the progress of his friend. He gives wise counsel to his friend when necessary. He encourages his friend to do something meaningful, productive etc for the overall benefit and success of his friend.

Attributes of a Real friend.

Faithful: A real friend is faithful. The faithfulness of a true friend is not in doubt. He can’t be influence by money, wealth, position or power to betray his friend. He is also not selfish in nature.

Reliable: Reliability is one of the attributes of a real friend. A real friend is always reliable.

Industrious: A real friend is not lazy. He is industrious in nature. He engages himself in something meaningful, productive and educative.

Endurance: A real friend endures. His anger is for a moment. He’s not easily provoked. He endures and doesn’t keep malice when he is angry.

Non-violent: A real friend is gentle, and non-violent in nature. He seek for non-violent approach in resolving issues, problems etc. No matter the level of provocation; he seek for non-violent means in addressing any issues that is confronting him.

Dependable: A real friend is indeed dependable. You can depend on him when the need arises. He is the type of friend that uses his resources within his disposal for the assistance of his friend during trials, problems, hardship etc.

Characteristics of a fair weather friend.

Selfish. A fair weather friend is indeed selfish. He is only interested in what he stand to gain from you.

Unfaithful. Unfaithfulness is one of the key characteristic of a fair weather friend. He can be influence by money to betray his friend.

Bad influence. Some of the crimes committed by youths today are as a result of bad influence from friends around them.

Beloved, so money people are suffering today as a result of the friends they keep. Also a lot of people have benefited from the friend they keep. The question now is who is your friend? Is he a real friend or a fair weather friend? Make every effort and analyse your friend objectively and figure out if your friend is really true and has all the attributes of what a friend true is all about. Remember, our Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his disciples[Matthew 26, Mark 14]etc. Be wise and avoid fair weather friends around you because they can be harmful, dangerous and deadly.

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