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The almighty God is a God of purpose. Living a purpose driven life is the desire of God for his children because he is a God of purpose. He has a purpose for the life of every one on earth. Living a life of purpose is a stepping stone to achieve one’s goal, and vision in life[Jeri 14:5]. A purpose driven life is one that understand and identify the reason of one’s existence. Since our creator is a God of purpose, we his children ought to live a purpose driven life.

Man was created in the image and likeness of God. And it’s expected of us to emulate our father by living a purpose driven life as well. Living a purpose driven life will enable one fulfill his or her mandate on earth and also live your life to the glory of God. When a purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable [John 18:37].

How to discover your purpose in life.

Every creatures of God has a purpose why he created them. For example the sun gives light, the cloud gives rain etc[Psalm 137:7–9]. Man suppose to discover the reason of his existence, and live according to God divine purpose. As a christian when you search the scriptures, you will understand that man was created to fear God and keep his commandment[Eccl 12:14].

Benefits of living a purpose driven life.

Man was created for a purpose. The purpose was for man to serve, worship, and have a good relationship with his creator God. Some of the benefits of living a purpose driven life are,

Enjoy God’s blessing and protection[Psalm 91].

Receive power to become the sons and daughters of God.

Free from condemnation[Rom 8:1]

Delivered from the powers of darkness[Col 1:13]

Prepares for eternity. A man that is living a purpose driven life prepares himself for eternity. His ultimate goal is to serve God and live a life that will prepare him to make heaven. What kind of life are you living ? Are you living your life to please yourself or God? Remember if God has a purpose why he created the tress, birds etc, then man that was created in his own image ought to please his maker God.

Remember Adam and Eve were driven from the garden of Eden because they disobeyed the instruction God gave to them. Are you obeying the commandment of your maker God? We must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ{ 1 Cori 5:10]. The rich, influential, poor, etc. Man was not created by accident. We all have a duty to live a purpose driven life by honoring and keeping God’s commandment.

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