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The internet is flooded with information that is meant for adult, youths, teenagers, and kids. Keeping the kids off the internet is almost impossible now. The internet can be risky for kids if they are allowed to access content that is not meant for them. The internet has a lot of potential threat for kids.

Some of these dangers are,

1. Online Predators. Adults who use the internet to entice children for sexual related activities and exploitation are called online predators. The rate of online enticement among females is high compared to their male counterpart. The majority of the victims are females, while online predators are male.

2. Early exposure to inappropriate content. When a child victim of online predators, they are expose to inappropriate content, words, images etc.

3. Safeguard personal information. Safeguarding personal information from your kids will help them from internet intruders.

4. Have parental control. Parents should have parental control over their children especially when they have access to the internet.

Tips for Protecting Children from Internet Risks.

Several method can be adopted to protect your kids from accessing inappropriate content. Some of these methods are

1. Educate your child on the negative effect of viewing inappropriate content. When this method is adopted, the child will be watching only appropriate contents, programs etc.

2. Checking websites, games, and programs that are appropriate for him.

3. Being sensitive to what your child is doing online.

4. Being a good role model to your kids.

5. Discuss with your child about appropriate and inappropriate content. Discussing with your child about various contents on the internet will help him concentrate on those ones that are appropriate for him

The internet has numerous advantages compared to the disadvantages. But, in other for kids not to be expose to inappropriate contents, it is necessary for parents to control their kids usage of the internet to prevent risk. If appropriate measures are not put in place, kids will be expose to content that are detrimental to their moral and psychological development.

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